Web Services

Enterprise applications have the capability to provide invaluable data for decision making at various levels. In order to support this, IT must provide a way for applications to collaborate with one another in a service-oriented architecture. Web services provide interoperability and extensibility enabled by XML. The power of web services comes when they launch applications that address complex business processes within and beyond an enterprise.

Web services address the same set of problems as do traditional middleware technologies like RPC, CORBA, COM, RMI and message queues. What makes web services unique and interesting is the promise of interoperability across technology platforms, the acceptance of XML and web services as W3C standards, and the firewall friendliness all this enables. However, these exciting developments come with some unique technical challenges such as security, routing, manageability, quality of service, and more. We provide customized solutions in the following areas:

  • Re-architect a product, application or solution to take advantage of XML technology and Web Services in a service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Develop SOAP adapters to enable integration of a customer’s solution with other applications
  • Expose key functions and integration touch points within an application or business processes as XML Web Services